What is Millati Islami?

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Jazak Allah Khair

Millati Islami is a fellowship of men and women, joined together on the "Path of Peace".  We share our experiences, strengths, and hopes while recovering from our active addiction to mind and mood altering substances.

We look to Allah (G-D) to guide us on Millati Islami (the Path of Peace). While recovering, we strive to become rightly guided Muslims, submitted our will and services to Allah.

Islam tells us clearly that the status of man in this world is that of an "Abd" (servant or 'slave'). We know that we must learn to be slaves and servants only to Allah and not slaves to mind and mood altering chemicals. We must also learn not to be slaves to people, places, things, and emotions.

Allah tells us that man is "Khalifa" (agent or inheritor of the earth). This means that Allah has entrusted us as human beings with custodianship of His creation. Our own bodies, minds and souls truly belong to Allah. They are only entrusted to us for a time. We are changed with their care while we have them in our possession.


In the Name of Allah The Compassionate, The Merciful

"Whoever recommends and helps a good cause becomes a partner therein; and whoever recommends and helps an evil cause shares in its burden; and Allah has power over all things."

 - (Quran 4:85)

We have sought to integrate the treatment requirements of both Al-Islam and the Twelve Step approach to recovery into a simultaneous program.  Our personal thanks and appreciation goes to the Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous programs from which we borrowed. Just as Narcotics Anonymous  was founded out of its need to be non-specific with regard to substance, so Millati Islami was born out of our need to be religiously specific with regard to spiritual principles.

Millati Islami, by G-d's will, (masha-Allah) offers a fresh perspective on age old ideas for treating our fallen human conditions. We pray further that it will serve as a model for successfully understanding and addressing the special problems encountered as recovering Muslims and substance abusers in a predominately non-Muslim society.